I’m a DP based in NJ but working out of NYC. I’m familiar with all facets of production.

I started my career at CSTV (currently CBS Sports Network) as the receptionist but was able to work my way into a position as a features producer where I spent years traveling the country covering the most compelling stories in sports. After leaving CBS I worked at East Pleasant Pictures a young and exciting production company that pushed the limits of what was possible in the newly evolving digital cinema world. Upon a shift to a more ad based focus I left East Pleasant and began my career as a freelance DP.

I’m comfortable shooting all current cameras. Currently my favorite tool to work with is the Canon C300 MkII but have done extensive work with the Amira, Red, the F55, FS7, Panasonic 900, F800, A7S, Canon SLR’s, GoPro, Ronin rigs etc.

I’m in love with making beautiful images and completing a task. What I love most about being a freelancer is the challenges. Walking onto a new set with new people and a new set of circumstances everyday is endlessly exciting to me. I take a tremendous amount of pride in providing clients with the comfort of knowing they can put me in any situation and know that I will deliver a good result. The opportunity to collaborate with different people in so many different professions allows me to keep my work new and fresh. Music, sports, reality, corporate are all venues I have worked extensively in.

Outside of work, I love all things outdoors, sports, music, cars and family. I have a beautiful wife and 2 kids which provides me with new hunger and an even stronger desire to keep my work fresh and interesting.

Rob Hobson
Director of Photography

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